The magic of eating in Lisbon

I do not know what Lisbon has left me so deeply marked, so eager to return. Lie, yes I know: he has great friends, cod, wine, green broth, olive oil, Belem cakes, old buildings, more cod, Portuguese chorizo, saudade ... and cod. Oh yes, eating in Lisbon is wonderful.

There is no way I can relate to Lisbon with food, abundant, delicious, simple, homemade, full of magic, you know?

I believe that this city is the place where all our grandmothers go (no matter what their nationality is) and there, hidden so that we do not see them, they are dedicated to preparing exquisite meals for all visitors.

Why do I have that theory? Well, do you know the smell of the kitchen of the grandmother's house on Sundays when family lunches were made? Close your eyes, remember? This is how the neighborhoods of Lisbon smell. Especially the old ones like Alfama and Graça.

Between streets steep and narrow you can get places to eat a wonderful roasted cod with potatoes, salad and muuuucho olive oil.

Prices? Look at the letter.

If you already have a full stomach , you can just sit and watch the day go by in a cafe (where of course there is food).

Eating in Lisbon can be cheap. In the central town you can get food for less than 5 euros. Here is the proof.

Walking through there you can find small supplies, greengrocers, or shops dedicated to the sale of cod.

Bakeries and delicatessens: crazy. You'll want to try everything.

And the sweets? We can sit down and talk the whole day about how delicious they are. But you need to understand that visiting Portugal means you have to try the famous Pastries of Belem.

My advice is to go to Belem, which by bus or tram is 40 minutes from Lisbon. There you can eat the originals. They are unmatched, they are fresh out of the oven. You will not find ones like that anywhere else on planet earth.

What to eat in Lisbon

I'm not going to tell you exactly what you should eat in Lisbon, but there are some things you should seriously consider:

-Discover the flavors of this wonderful city looking for restaurants in the hidden streets of the old neighborhoods. Sit at the table if the place is attended by a very old gentleman or lady. Ask him to recommend something.

-There are thousands of ways to eat cod in Lisbon. If you do not have problems tasting this fish several times, devote yourself to savor its different variants. For example, in Belem I ate a dish that was cod mixed with mashed potatoes, grated carrots and a stream of olive oil on top. Very simple and very good.

-Tomato a cup of green broth. Which is, for many, the most representative food of Portugal. You get it easy at any local restaurant.It is corn, ideal for coeliacs. It tastes different, its texture is different and it has a spectacular outer crust. For breakfast or accompanying the green broth is perfect.

-As I explained previously, it is necessary that you try the Pastries of Belem, preferably in the town of Belem. Do it. Your life is not going to be the same.

-In Lisbon there is good international cuisine. It is always fun to taste foreign flavors to the country you are visiting. There are two good Chinese restaurants that I recommend: the Hua Tai Li, which is buffet style and the famous clandestine Chinese, which is an unparalleled experience.

-Also within the international line, if you have time and desire, go to the Indian restaurant Natraj, read more about it by clicking here. I recommend it with your eyes closed.

-Visit Asian shops in Lisbon. There are Indian (Hindi) and Chinese markets with a huge variety of products. If your stay is going to be long you can buy interesting products to prepare in these places.

The Chinese products stores in Lisbon are around the Martim Moniz square, in Rua Palma # 216, approximately. And the Indian shops are in the Mouraria shopping center (next to the plaza mentioned previously).

Whatever your plans are if you go to Lisbon, the chances of you eating well are very high. Let yourself be carried away by the aromas and you will get it right.

And well, if you like Asian food, pay attention to the places I recommended and then tell me. Eating in Lisbon is a pleasure!