From an inauspicious opening to a thriving and vibrant Italian family restaurant, the story continues…

Pasta Fazool opened its doors in January 2010.  Or, at least tried to, after clearing out the over two feet of snow Mother Nature dumped on the Delaware Valley that week!  We have overcome that and several other obstacles with friendly service and delicious traditional Italian food.
Our owners subscribe to the classic notion of “abbondanza”, or giving generously.   We make large portions of traditionally prepared Italian cuisine to satisfy even our hungriest customers.  We also give generously of spirit, both in the service we provide our guests, as well as to causes in our community, such as the Hatboro YMCA and various children’s charities.
Our customers show us that same generosity, inviting friends and family to share in the Pasta Fazool experience.  We would like to again and always thank ALL of our friends, new and old, for making us a success!