Korean restaurant Go Hyang Mat in Madrid

The restaurant Go Hyang Mat is considered by many to be the best Korean food restaurant in Madrid.

Korean cuisine is one of the most delicious and healthy in the Asian continent. Every time I discover a new Korean restaurant, whatever city I may be in, I do not hesitate a second to visit it.

In Madrid there are several Korean restaurants, I have previously visited the A Ri Rang, and I know that there is more in the city, little by little I will know them all 🙂

A few days ago I went to the restaurant Go Hyang Mat, and I had a gastronomic experience worth repeating multiple times.

Restaurant is simple, nice, located on a busy street very close to Embajadores Street and Paseo La Chopera.

Most diners are Korean, which is a very good sign.

The menu is wonderful, it is large, varied and has good photos (they seem taken by me) where you can see the dishes perfectly.

The prices are varied. There is a daily menu for less than 10 euros, there are dishes of noodles, soups, rice, vegetables, meats, everything you need to be happy.

As soon as you order something from the menu, they bring you an entry, which this time they were green vegetables and some soybeans, both delicious.

Then there is the big question ...

What to eat in the restaurant Go Hyang Mat

Well, you can ask for recommendations to the waiters who are friendly. Or you can just venture 🙂

In my visit we ordered 2 dishes: the famous Bibimbap, which is a rice with vegetables, meat and hot sauce. It was incredibly delicious. It is a very simple and very, very rich meal that always leaves you happy and satisfied.

We also ordered a rice (yes, another rice) with sautéed kimchi. This was a red, spicy dish with a lot of kimchi and some meat that had a fried egg on it. Go delight. I would eat it 50 times again.

If you check the menu, you will see that there are some entries, which are smaller plates, where there are empanadillas, Korean style egg omelets, vegetables and the famous kimchi. If you want, you can go and eat pure entrances and accompany them with white rice.

Whatever you order, remember that Korean food is a bit spicy, check with the waiters first.

As I said at the beginning, the prices are pretty good.

Go Hyang Mat restaurant's location and hours

This delicious Korean restaurant is located at 31 Divino Valles St., near of the Legazpi metro (Lines 3 and 6). It is open every day from 12:00 noon until 11:30 p.m.