How to eat cheap in Madrid for less than 10 euros

Eating cheap in Madrid for less than 10 euros is really easy . It is not necessary to kick streets infinitely in search of a place that meets these characteristics.

In fact, eating for less than 10 euros in Madrid is as simple as websites like numbeo. com, who manage cost of living statistics for cities around the world, should update their data.

The key to eating cheap in Madrid for less than € 10 are the menu of the day : restaurants in the city compete with each other in search of customers, and here, the excess of supply benefits the diners.

Even in tourist areas, which tend to be more expensive, it is not not hard to eat a first course (soup, rice, salad, pasta), a second (fish, meat, chicken), a dessert and a drink for less than € 9.

And if you leave the Spanish menu, you can also eat international delicacies for less than € 10 ... less than € 9 ... of € 8 ... € 7.

But there you go, there is another technique for eating barat or in Madrid: go with someone else, for example, a tavern, you ask for fried anchovies (7 or 8 euros) and the other person asks for patatas bravas (6 or 7 euros), add each one a rod if you fancy , which usually include a free tapa, and that's it.

Here are some basic recommendations on how to eat cheap in Madrid for less than € 10 without including fast food restaurants , that's cheating.

To eat cheap in Madrid

We are going to review some options to eat with little money in the Spanish capital. First I put some by neighborhood and in the end more general ones, ok?

  • Eating in the city center

In the streets that are around the Santo Domingo Square and Calle de la Cruz and its cross-streets ( between Puerta del Sol and Plaza Santa Ana ) there are many restaurants fighting to attract customers.

You can get fun menus of the day for less than € 10 with very typical Spanish food options that vary depending on the time of year.

In summer, gazpacho, fish and seafood abound. In winter the grains and the pig. It is even possible that you can catch a stew from Madrid.


  • By Lavapies

The multicultural neighborhood par excellence in Madrid has lots of nice places to eat cheap, from Doner Kebabs to menus of Indian food with 2 or 3 courses for less than € 8. There are also African food places like the Baobab ( Cabestreros Street 1 ) where, for no more than € 7, they serve you a gigantic dish of typical Senegalese food that is going to costar comértelo completa.

If what you are interested in is eating something Spanish, in the cider house Casa de Asturias ( Calle de Argumosa 4 ) you can ask for Broken eggs with Asturian chorizo ​​for € 8. Warning: it is a calorie bomb, but they are beautiful calories 😀 Look at the photo and tell me if it is not exciting:

how to eat cheap in madrid

The Apollo Bar

The tasca Apolo is a well-located place in Madrid located across the front of the Tirso Molina square . It is the classic bar full of elderly gentlemen who discuss the football games they broadcast. The food is simple, Spanish, and although the menu of the day is worth more than € 10, the menu has rations and sandwiches for less than this amount. If you are accompanied you can apply what I told you above: you ask for a portion of something, and your companion asks for another.Also, in this same place you can get some broken eggs, squid and toast varied for very friendly prices for your pocket.

Location? Plaza de Cascorro 13. The Metro de La Latina (Line 5) is nearby.

bar la ribera la latina madrid

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Sidrería El Valle

El Sidrería El Valle is a wonderful place. It is a restaurant located in Sebastian Herrera 6, near the Embajadores metro (Line 3), where for 6 euros they bring a bottle of cider and a plate with a generous and delicious tapa to the table.

The trick here is to go with a group of friends, ask for 1 bottle each throughout the night (do not go to order them all at once) and share both drinks and tapas. In the end, for a few euros you will leave this bar with your stomach full of delicious food and happy for your drinks drunk.

  • In Malasaña

Ay my Mother is a delicious pizzeria with an interesting menu that includes options for vegans.

The pizzas are worth € 9, and the menu of the day is worth 8.90 € You can see it in this link

You can find it on Calle Palma 41 .

Other places to eat with little money in Madrid

The Chinese night menu

There are any number of Chinese restaurants where they have daily menus for less than 10 ... 9 ... 8 ... and up to € 7. Or simply ask for a plate of noodles and it's more than enough.

But I'll recommend a specific place, a Chinese restaurant where they have a night menu that is worth € 8.5 and brings three dishes plus drink , per person. It's great, really. It's called Rong Hua and it's located at San Bernardo 10 , a few meters from Gran Vía, so it's wonderfully well located. Closed at midnight.

Peruvian food at the Lupita ​​h3>

Lupita ​​strong> is a delicious Peruvian restaurant that has several venues in Madrid, one of them in full Gran Vía a few meters from the Plaza España and another one in Legazpi, for the street Embajadores 186 .

In your local in Legazpi they have a menu of the day for € 8.5 that usually offers you different Peruvian first and second courses made with a wonderful seasoning.


Obviously in this list I have 3934800 out options to eat cheap in Madrid. I have only compiled several of my favorites and, above all, I wanted to show you that, if you do not want to, you do not have to spend so much going out to eat in this great city.

In conclusion : Eat cheap in Madrid , paying 10 euros or less, is easy enough to achieve . Do not pay attention to those who tell you that it is expensive or that on average it is spent more than that. Obviously it depends on you and what you are looking for. If you want, you can eat for 15, 20, 30 €, but if your goal is to spend little but eat equally delicious, you will achieve it without much effort.

If you are interested, you can read my super post with more than 100 dishes that you can eat in Madrid, including where to go to eat them. There are of all: cheap, not so cheap.

I also recommend the gastronomic guide of with good information to eat in Madrid.

If you know delicious places to eat cheap in Madrid, worth 10 euros or less, let us know in the comments, which will surely interest us all.