Coure Restaurant in Barcelona: even bread is good

The Restaurant Coure is an exquisite and elegant place where you can enjoy an interesting menu with varied traditional dishes of Catalan cuisine, prepared with a modern and personal touch from your chef.


The kitchen of the Restaurant Coure offers diners tasting menus as well as different a la carte dishes. Ideally, if you go for the first time, ask for the "Seasonal Menu" that, for € 35, allows you to try 4 different dishes, all made with the best and freshest ingredients of the moment .

And that was exactly what I did in my visit to this place.

Eating at the Coure restaurant

The first thing that is useful is a wheel fresh bread, made by them that is so, but so delicious that if you neglect you start asking more and more and you fill only bread. Hey! It did not happen, I swear.

The first dish of this seasonal menu (in December) was a salad made with burrata cheese, fennel, lemon, Kalamata olives and fresh basil.


restaurant coure barcelona burrata

Then came the turn of the organic egg cooked to low temperature that accompany it with thin cuts of bacon, so thin that it is transparent, comté cheese and spinach. There is no objective way to describe this dish. You die with each bite.

restaurant coure barcelona entrance egg

As principal , and already with a little full stomach (it was because of the bread), they served a wonderful cod accompanied by cabbage, onion and saffron.

restaurant coure bcn cod

Delicious everything, full stomach, happy heart, what more could you ask for? Ah yes, the dessert!

A wonderful cake of black forest accompanied by cherry and cream.

 restaurant coure bcn dessert

If you are not interested in trying the seasonal menu simply ask the waiters to recommend something from the menu. You will not be disappointed.

The Restaurant Coure is located in the Passatge de Marimon 20 in Barcelona.

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