A Ri Rang Restaurant - Korean food in Madrid

The restaurant A Ri Rang was the first Korean I visited in Madrid. I do not know if it is because of this or because it is genuinely delicious, that I am so fond of this place. Ah well, also because the prices are pretty decent.

The truth is that if you like the Korean food the restaurant A Ri Rang is an excellent option for you to visit, it is located a few meters from Gran Vía, it has the subway nearby and the waiters treat you well 🙂

And if you have never tried the cuisine of this Asian country, then with more reason I recommend you go do not know what what are you missing!

What to eat in the restaurant A Ri Rang

The first thing you will notice when entering the restaurant A Ri Rang is that very You may be the only Western diner in the place, hopefully there will be another table with Spaniards, but it is normal for all to be Korean. This, my dear readers, is good news: it means that the food is authentic.

restaurant-Korean-a-ri- rang-madrid

There are 3 options to approach the menu and your possible meal at this Korean restaurant:

  1. You order à la carte
  2. You ask for the "free buffet" of Korean barbecue
  3. If you are at lunch time, you ask for the menu of the day

All the options work perfectly.


If you want to try specific dishes, go for the menu, but of course, it is a bit more expensive to order per serving.


The barbecue is wonderful , traditionally and in theory you can eat everything you want. In fact it is what Koreans eat when they go to this place. It has 2 different prices depending on whether you go day or night (at night it is more expensive).

The dynamics of the barbecue goes like this:

They give you a paper where you can select up to 3 ingredients at a time, that will be taken to the table (where there is an iron to cook them), once you eat those 3 foods, you proceed to ask for more. Only 3 each time, without final limit. All this accompanied by white rice and kimchi.

The menu of the day is another great option, there are 2 variants, and they are those of the photos: a tray that brings a cup of broth, rice, chicken (or beef) stew, a spring roll, kimchi and some extra vegetables.


And the other option is the bibimbap, which is a casserole with rice, vegetables, chicken (or veal) and egg, accompanied with all the mini rations that you see in the photo, including of course, the kimchi.

restaurant-korean-madrid- a-ri-rang


Something to keep in mind: Korean food is usually spicy, and the kimchi, which is the fermented red cabbage that you see in the photos, is strong and quite spicy. Take precautions, and enjoy!

various delights

the kimchi is the dish with the red cabbage on the right

By the way, if you want to know what the mentioned Bibimbap is about , look at the recipe we have here at Comedera.Com

  • How to make Bibimbap

Do you like Korean food? Have you tried the kimchi? What is your favorite Korean dish? Tell us!


The restaurant A Ri Rang is on Calle 12, near Santo Domingo metro (line 2).

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