10 dishes to try in Prague (and where to eat them)

Going out to eat in Prague is one of the activities that I have enjoyed the most that I have visited twice.

The gastronomy of the Czech Republic is wonderful: it is based on pork, potatoes, sauerkraut and beer. Who is not happy like that?

It is not at all difficult to fall in love with this city: its architecture, the color of the buildings, the majestic Vltava River, the beautiful girls, the colors of autumn, the gastronomy ...

For many, Prague is a dream city of those that you will hardly forget after putting your feet in its streets. For others, it is a gastronomic destination that keeps flavors and culinary experiences worthy of a documentary by Anthony Bourdain.

For me? For my Prague it is a city to which I return 50 times more, to know every street, every corner, every place to eat, of course, accompanied by good Czech beer.

 eat in prague

What to eat in Prague


This is , maybe, the food that I can recommend you to eat in Prague. Although there are sausages in almost all of Central Europe, in the capital of the Czech Republic you will get many varieties at very, very low prices in any important street in the city.

Where to eat sausages in Prague : the street stalls of Wenceslas Square. If you go with a group of better friends, each one asks for a different one and so the tests all.

where to eat sausages in prague


Sauerkraut, also known as sauerkraut , is the famous sour cabbage you've probably heard about. It has its well-deserved fame.

It is used as a companion for any meal. You can include chopped bacon, which makes it even more fun.

Where to eat in Prague the sauerkraut: Everywhere! Generally you do not buy it as an individual dish. You eat it as a companion with sausages, pork knuckle, cuts of meat, etc.


You can get goulash in almost all of Central Europe. It is a stewed meat recipe, it can be beef or pork, with a lot of paprika. In Prague it is accompanied with bread dumplings or, even more striking and delicious, when it is served on bread. In this way the bread crust makes a dish you should also choose to eat it.

Where to eat goulash in Prague: Restaurant Blatnice ( Calle Michalská 511/6 ).


The wonderful baked pork knuckle, accompanied by sauerkraut, bread dumplings, or roasted potatoes.

Eat knuckle in Prague: in the restaurant V Cipú ( Michalská street 459/25 ) very close to the astronomical clock.

 eat pork in prague

5-Roasted duck

In the Czech Republic you eat a lot of duck, in fact It is considered one of the national dishes along with roast pork. Generally the leg of the roast animal is served, and it is usually accompanied with sauerkraut.

Where to eat duck in Prague: Restaurant U Modré Kachničky II ( Calle Michalská 434/16 )


You can get dumplings made from wheat flour, and potato flour. They are perfect for dishes with a lot of sauce. It would come as a substitute for bread.

Where to eat dumplings: You can eat them in many restaurants in Prague.They put them on top of sauerkraut, or a bacon-based stew. They are highly addictive.

Where to eat Bramborák in Prague: One of my favorite places to eat are the street food stalls at the entrance to Prague Castle.


Dessert made with wheat flour crepes that can be filled with anything sweet that you fancy: jams, seasonal fruits, chocolates. There are also salty versions that are stuffed with meat.

More meals (and drinks) in Prague

Strawberries and seasonal fruits

It's okay to eat so much sauerkraut, potatoes and pork. But you also have to give the body something a little healthier.

If you're walking around Prague, depending on the time of year, you can buy small portions of glasses or boxes of strawberries and blackberries in the central market Havelske Trziste .

Market Havelske Trziste Prague

Vietnamese food

Obviously if you are going to visit Prague for a few days you should eat only typical dishes. But if you're a fan of Asian food like me, or you're just curious, then it's not a bad idea to have a Vietnamese Pho soup, perfect also for cold or rainy days. Where? Try it at Ha Noi restaurant (Slezská 981/57) .

pho in praga

Döner Kebabs

They could not miss, as in most of Central Europe, the Döner kebabs. In Prague there are several places to eat, also at fairly cheap prices. So if you have little money, you are tired of eating pork and potatoes, or you want to eat something fast, a Kebab is the solution. Where? There are sites throughout the city, you will find them easily. I recommend one called Istanbul Kebab (Opletalova 933/13) .


It would be crazy to write this post and not talk about beer. Czech Republic is the country where more beers per person are consumed in the world. There are bars everywhere. Czech beer is wonderful and if you like the artisan theme, you will be very happy in this city.

Where to have beer in Prague: Without a doubt Prague Beer Museum (Calle Dlouhá 46) , where they have more than 30 barrels available to customers.

beers in Prague

And there is also wine

Man does not live on beer alone. Surprising as it may seem, wine is also drunk in the Czech Republic. It is true that Czech beer has a lot of importance and covers the covers, leaving Czech wine in the background. However, leaving the plan when traveling to Prague will make it even more special and you may even be surprised to know some of the renowned vineyards that are worth visiting.

Prague is a city where there is much to do, much visit and much but much to eat.

Do you know more places to eat in Prague? What are your favorite dishes of Czech cuisine? Tell me your experience.

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